Ballurh and Flavours Collaboration Announcement

In its pursuit of growth within the Food and Beverages sector, Ballurh, an advanced business intelligence and analytics technologies company, has signed a collaboration agreement with Flavours, the company which provides cloud point-of-sale systems for Food and Beverages businesses. As to consider Ballurh to become the main provider of insights and analytics of databases to Flavours’ customers. This cooperation will enable the restaurant and café sector to obtain deep insights and predictions into the demand behaviors and preferences of their customers, analyze sales, and make profitable data-based growth decisions, which will bring added value to the sector as a whole.

Flavours serves business owners in inventory management, menu management, digital menus, sales and order management and customer relationship management. Ballurh’s analytics will join along the way in a mutual space to provide the smart tools which the business owner needs. After signing the agreement, Mr. Abdullah Al-Hawsawi, Chief Growth Officer of Ballurh, commented saying: Ballurh focuses on the areas of potential growth. In order to analyze and understand these areas, we go hand in hand with the business owners to utilize the language of data. With this fruitful partnership with Flavours, we will be able to integrate advanced systems with analysis, to provide effective tools in the field of F&B.”

Mr. Fahd Al-Jarba, Chief Executive Officer of Flavours agreed, saying: Flavours interest is focused on providing an exceptional experience to our customers, through integration with many services and systems that contribute to raising their level of quality and performance. By integrating with Ballurh, we will give our customers a more effective read of their data, to help in the process of better decision making in the future.

This agreement will result in serving more than 360 brands, in more than 400 branches during the next 18 months.