375 SAR

You will get it with every subscription.

Suggest ballurh to them and get your commission

We are here for you, simple and straightforward

Our Telegram channel helps you step by step on your growth journey

We are here for you, simple and straightforward

Our Telegram channel helps you step by step on your growth journey

Program Advantages

Increase your income

Get an income of up to 3,600 riyals for every merchant who subscribes to the Zid platform through your link or code

Specialized training

When you are approved as a partner, You can join courses worth 5000 riyals, Free!

A product that is easy to sell

The Zed platform exists to help more than 100,000 merchants transition to modern commerce. All we need is for you to tell them about us

Your clients are well known

You can identify registered customers through your special link or code and thus know exactly how much commission you are owed

How does it work?


Sign up through the link on the page to join the program


Share the invitation code with potential customers


Earn a cash commission after the qualified customers subscribe

Success Partners

I started my journey with a special application for selling products in the year 2017, and after a local closure, I turned to the Instagram and WhatsApp platforms, and then I discovered Zid. After my business with Zid succeeded, a number of merchants contacted me to establish stores, the number of which reached 10 effective stores

Abdullah Al-Mashouq

Trader and influencer in the field of e-commerce

Since I graduated from university, I have been thinking appropriately and smoothly in the most legitimate ways possible and with the least effort to make a profit, and here my eyes fell on affiliate marketing, through which I worked on many aspects of marketing and others.

Saud Al-Juwaimi

Platinum partner

I started the program at the end of 2020, and of course the beginnings were difficult. But with the determination to learn and communicate with more than 200 merchants, I finally achieved results that pleased me and I became a platinum marketer and the percentage increased to 15%, and then I was offered a job position with Zid.

Ahlam Al-Omari

Platinum partner


What is the Affiliate Marketing Program in ballurh?

Program aims to support the growth of ballurh by empowering restaurant and cafe owners to make decisions with absolute clarity. The hero is you, and your performance can be tracked and rewarded with a deserving commission.

What is the commission due to me?
You will receive a fixed cash reward of 375 SAR for each referred subscriber.
How do I become an affiliate marketer?

Register through the Join Program form and fill in the necessary information. We will get in touch with you and provide you with the necessary materials and your unique referral code.

Are there any requirements to join?
  1. There are no requirements to join the program, just your willingness.


How can I track my sales?

When your customers use your unique referral code and subscribe to Ballurh, the transaction is recorded and linked directly to your account.

When will the commissions be paid?
  1. Commissions are transferred on a monthly basis to your approved bank account as provided in the joining form.

For more information

Please refer to our FAQs, terms and conditions, or contact us