Maximize your business growth with crystal clear decisions

Monitor performance, forecast demand, and generate contextual and timely-alert decisions to proactively grow the operations.

What we do


Base your growth strategies on facts, not fluff. Our Insights module helps all stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of daily changes across the restaurant


Be ready for tomorrow and stay one step ahead of the game by predicting future trends and behavior changes through our intelligent engine


Promote new bundles and combos that resonate with your customers, Our data-driven market basket analysis module helps you make confident product range decisions that drive growth


Understand your customer behavior with Ballurh's auto-segmentation engine to better target your marketing campaigns. No need to filter and analyze customer segments on your own anymore


Our top-tier encryption safely secures all your data, so you get the most out of the powerful insights with peace of mind

What your success could look like?

Increment of customer spending with the help of Ballurh

52% +

Average customer spending has increased to

Increment of our customer’s basket size average with the help of Ballurh

148% +

Basket size average in each order has increased to

2.6 +

Average of items added to basket has doubled from 1.6 to 2.6

What has been said
about us

Abdulaziz Aljabouri

Co-Founder, Coffematics 

Our sales have doubled by following Ballurh’s recommendations. The reach of a similar target audience has increased, as well as the frequency of orders, with the help of product bundle recommendations by Ballurh.

Maher Alhejaili

Co-Founder, Rate Cafe

Ballurh solutions helped our decision-making process to be customer-centric, which contributed to increasing customer retention, product bundle design, and reward program in line with the data insights of customers’ behavior and performance.


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249 ريال/شهرياً

تحليلات أساسية لفهم أداء أعمالك

1 فرع
2 مستخدمين

إدارة مؤشرات أداء جميع الفروع

تعيين مدير مخصص لكل فرع

عرض جميع قنوات بيع تطبيقات التوصيل في صفحة واحدة

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+ جميع مميزات الباقة الأساسية

تحليلات المقارنة للمنتجات والتصنيفات والفروع

تحديد ومتابعة أهداف المبيعات لكل فرع

تحليل عميق لهندسة المنيو لغرض زيادة الربحية

تحليل عميق لسلة مشتريات العملاء والمنتجات التي تشترى معاً

باقة النمو

14 - يوم تجريبي مجاني

مزيج من التحليلات الأساسية والمتقدمة لاكتشاف إمكانات أعمالك

تشمل جميع مميزات الباقة الأساسية وباقة النمو

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