Ballurh and Deliverect Partnership Announcement

We have partnered with Deliverect to help restaurants maximize their growth on online delivery platforms.

Transforming Food Delivery Through Data-Driven Insights

We are excited to announce a partnership between Ballurh, a leader in BI analytics for the Food & Beverage sector, and Deliverect, a pioneer in online order management. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the restaurant industry by integrating advanced analytics with streamlined delivery operations.

The Need for Advanced Analytics in Food Delivery

The global surge in demand for food delivery services calls for a technological evolution in how restaurants manage and optimize these services. With legislative changes around the world focusing on delivery driver rights and operational efficiency, our partnership with Deliverect couldn’t be more timely.

Why Deliverect?

Deliverect’s expertise in seamlessly managing online orders from various food delivery channels makes them an ideal partner. Their commitment to enhancing the food delivery process aligns with our vision of empowering restaurants with actionable data insights.

What This Partnership Brings to Restaurants

Our integration with Deliverect will provide restaurants with a suite of comprehensive reports, each designed to offer deep insights into different facets of their business:

  • Compensation Reports: Insightful analysis of delivery staff compensation structures.

  • Settlement Reports: Detailed financial settlements with delivery services and platforms.

  • Detailed Sales Analysis Reports: In-depth analysis of sales trends and customer preferences.

  • Product Performance Reports: Evaluations of menu items and product offerings.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Analysis: Aggregated customer feedback from various platforms.

The Future of Food Delivery

This partnership signifies a leap forward in the F&B industry, offering an integrated solution that enhances both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Restaurants will be able to leverage these insights to improve every aspect of their delivery service, from order processing to customer feedback.

About Deliverect

Deliverect is a leading SaaS company that simplifies online food delivery management, integrating orders from channels like Uber Eats, Doordash, and more. Trusted by thousands of establishments worldwide, Deliverect streamlines the delivery process for a range of businesses, from global chains to local eateries.

About Ballurh

Ballurh is a premier BI analytics platform, transforming complex data into actionable insights for the F&B sector. We help businesses understand customer behavior, optimize operations, and make strategic decisions based on real-time data.

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For more information on how your restaurant can benefit from this partnership, please submit your request here to get a demo from Ballurh team, Discover how Ballurh and Deliverect are setting new standards in online sales channel efficiency and customer satisfaction.